The Last Hurrah

by The C.I.G.

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released November 27, 2008

C.I.G. = Christ is Grace (in case you didn’t know what we stood for)

Chad Sengstock: Vocals (tracks 1-5, 8, 9, 12, 14-24) and Second Guitar (tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 12)
Reuben Paul: Guitar (all tracks) and Vocals (tracks 7 and 11)
John Mayberry: Drums (all tracks) and Vocals (tracks 6 and 10)
Matt Morey: Bass (tracks 1-12, 22-24)
Alex Frenzel: Second Guitar (tracks 14-21)
John Woods: Bass (tracks 14-21)

Tracks 1-12 engineered/recorded/mixed on analog 2” 24 track (18-19 April 2008) and mastered (1 September 2008) by Jon "Nacho" Gollihugh, 459 Audio Recreations, Monrovia, CA
Track 13 (Reuben’s answering machine messages) courtesy of Ed Young, Lois Paul, Eric Paul, Seth TeBockhorst, and Isaac Bar-Jonah
Tracks 14-21 recorded live 17 March 2008, Showcase Theatre, Corona, CA
Track 22-24 recorded live 13 May 2008, DiPiazza’s, Long Beach, CA
Track 25 recorded live by Scott Karahadian, 9 May 2008, The Hermitage, Irvine, CA
Lyrics and music by Chad and The C.I.G. © 2006-2008 (except tracks 1, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14, 25)

Album layout and design by Chad and Reuben

Skull with a Burning Cigarette by Vincent van Gogh (Oil on canvas, Antwerp: Winter, 1885/86)



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


The C.I.G. Fullerton, California

...most educated punk band in america...

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Track Name: Whiskey, You're The Devil
Whiskey, you’re the devil
You’re leading me astray
Over hills and mountains
To Kaliforniyay
You’re sweeter, you’re stronger,
You’re spunkier than tae
Oh, whiskey, you’re the devil drunk or sober
Track Name: Judas And Me
Murder for silver
Silver for murder

I killed a Man

Betrayal with a kiss

I killed a Man
Track Name: Poison

Looks like another self-inflicted death sentence
What a way to end your existence
Drowning yourself most willingly
Killing yourself pathetically


Keep telling yourself that you are letting loose
Drowning your problems with that bottle of booze
Track Name: The Blob
I’m the blob
A formless glob!
An unstable molecular mass
Of an element in its liquid state

I am the blob!

Free flowing am I
With no control
My path is uncertain
Victim to the gravitational pull

I am the blob!

I’m sick of this unforgiving state that I am in
I’m ready to be formed, molded by Your grace
Folded, solidified by Your Hands of love!
Track Name: Tokyo's Going Down
Ocean swells begin to rise
Spikes appear against the sky
Radars beep and sirens wail
The thing coming dwarfs a whale
As tall as a skyscraper, it rises from the sea
Everyone on the beach is trying to flee
Hundreds perish with each giant step
Godzilla’s back to maintain his rep
Fuelled with a fire to kill at will
You know what will happen with his destructive skill
He can take you out with one fiery breath
And send you to your final rest
Oh Tokyo…

Tokyo’s going down

Buildings fall to the ground
Screams are heard all around
People run like swarms of ants
Debris falls into torrents
They can only get out of the way
No amount of soldiers could save the day
No weapons can pierce his armor
They fight and die to save their honor
Little did they know they only needed to submit
Nothing would have happened if they’d just accept Him
But they didn’t before and are paying for it now
So watch as their world comes crumbling down
Oh Tokyo…

Tokyo’s going down

‘Cause Tokyo is going down, down, down to the ground…
Track Name: Even Though
With the blood that I have bled
I will paint the white roses red
And with the stitches from my shattered dreams
I will hang myself down by the stream
And watch those willows as they weep for me
As my body swings in the breeze
As my body swings in the breeze

Even though you kicked me when I was down
Even though you lent a hand to help me drown
Even though there’s still a knife in my back
From your swift and silent attack

But deep within my broken heart
Which you so kindly ripped apart
I find a feeling that’s not new
The fact that I still love you
I love you!

Even though with your hands you crushed my heart
Even though you tore my emotions apart
Even though my blood runs down the drain
To the sound of pouring rain

I love you…
Track Name: Life Sucks
I need to get away! I am wasting away!
My life is being drained! I can’t take the pain!

I am begging You, please!
As I cry on my knees
Please take away this pain
As my hope begins to drain
My boss is a joke
He is strung out on coke
I am barely getting by
And he just wants to get high

He is a friend of mine
And I am watching him die
Emotions come in like a flood
I want to cut my throat and spill my blood

I offered you my heart
You took it and tore it apart
Sure we’ll still be friends
But after the scars mend
Everything will return to normal
We’ll keep things good and formal
I will hide my pain inside
For a piece of my heart just died

Life sucks…

I must choke back the sorrow
So I can have a fresh face tomorrow
How much longer can I last?
Before you see through my mask?
The pain swells up inside (There is no place I can hide)

Overwhelming frustration
I sink into depression
The load I bear is too heavy
The pain is piercing and grows steady
I have nothing left to give
I barely have the strength to live
I masked my pain so well
You had no idea I was living in hell

I’ve never been cut this deep before
I don’t think I can take much more
Headaches, stomachaches, heartaches
How much more do I have to take?

Will You not rescue me?
I am drowning in this bitter sea
Wave after wave has knocked me ‘round
I grow weak and soon I’ll drown
Broken and bruised I crawl to You
Watch my heart for it’s black and blue
Weeping, I call Your Name
Only You can ease my pain

Life sucks…

I can’t take more suffering
I feel like I am slowly dying
Failure after failure
Torture, torture, torture…
Will anything go right?
I don’t have the strength to fight
Failure after failure
Torture, torture, torture…

Life sucks…
Track Name: Hofbräuhaus Theme
In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus,
Oans, zwoa, g'suffa!
Da läuft so manches Fäßchen aus
Oans, zwoa, g'suffa!
Da hat schon mancher dumme Mann,
Oans, zwoa, g'suffa!
Gezeigt, was er so vertragen kann.
Oans, zwoa, g'suffa!

In Munich is the Hofbräuhaus,
One, two, guzzle!
Where the kegs never run out.
One, two, guzzle!
There always is some stupid man,
One, two, guzzle!
Who wants to drink as much as he can.
One, two, guzzle!
Track Name: xCHRISTEDGEx
It is time to take a stand now
And get back to the Cross again
The one True Foundation
And the reason I am inspired

Yeah, a revival
Yeah, a Spiritual awakening
A revolution
From within this dying scene

I do not drink, I do not smoke
The things I do I do for Him
My convictions I will stay true
I’m not straightedge, I’ve got Christedge

Yeah, a revival
Yeah, a Spiritual awakening
A revolution
From within this dying scene

Sold out to the One (Christedge)
Who gave His Only Son (Christedge)
A life of sobriety (Christedge)
For the One who set me free (Christedge)